Under Covers of Darkness (free show)

One Match Media Presents

Someplace, Somewhere

with Shawn Mathews, Aortx, Lentebloom, Dreams of Venus, Hanya Hathor
July 18 @ 6:00 pm ( Doors: 6:00 pm )
La Santa
Ages 21 and Up
Someplace, Somewhere

Someplace, Somewhere, also Known as Nikolas Burciaga, is an Alt-pop Artist, producer, and mixing engineer based in the suburbs of the IE. He recently delved deeper into his sound with his vibrant debut album “wings or stars”. He is also known for his production & mixing work with various artists such as Shawn Mathews, Hanya Hathor, Eliren, and Dreams of Venus. Nikolas is now taking his work to the stage performing and hosting his debut show “Light The Way” featuring performances from the many Artists he’s helped along the way. 

Shawn Mathews

 Shawn Mathews is a 24-year-old multi-talented entertainer blending cross-genre elements to channel a distinctive sound, fusing pop, indie, R&B, and rock. Powered by strong basslines, memorable guitar riffs, and captivating drum grooves, Shawn’s music is as chameleonic as the elements influencing him to create. Born and based in Pennsylvania, The emerging artist is also a triple threat performer that can sing, dance, and act, and can currently be seen touring as part of the Mean Girls National Broadway Tour playing the role of "Kevin G".


LA Based Kyle Pennington began his project Aortx in 2020. He draws influence from punk, emo, and rap- bridging them together to create this powerful blend of drum & bass, rap, also infused with the ethereal ambiance of alternative music. Whether it's the high tempo drum breaks of ‘stuck in grey’ or the deep rap vocals of ‘rodman’, the Aortx discography is meant to be experienced on a large set of subwoofers in a dark underground club. 


 Lentebloom, also known as Noah Si-Choong Lee, is a singer, songwriter, producer, and DJ based in Los Angeles, CA. While originally creating indie r&b, in his latest album harddrive01, Lentebloom showcases his evolution to experimental ambient works.

Dreams of Venus

Dreams of Venus is a project created by the duo Abby Buotte and Daryuish Khashayar. Bringing a uniquely classically minded approach to indie dream pop, the pair aims to tell stories defined by their dream-like, bold sound.

Hanya Hathor

Hanya Hathor is a New York City based ​songwriter, musician, and artist. Born and raised in ​the small town of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, ​Hathor began making music when she was in ​middle school, quietly writing and creating songs ​on her phone. Releasing her debut EP “Astre” in ​2018. She has spent time redefining her sound and making her comeback with her upcoming single “Prophecy” which showcases her evolved sound featuring distorted guitars, striking melodies, abstract soundscapes, and an all encompassing story told through her lyricism.