Under Covers of Darkness (free show)

Klub Terminal Presents

Two Witches 🇫🇮 (Finland)

with Frozen Charlottes, Vision of the Void
February 23 @ 9:00 pm ( Doors: 9:00 pm )
La Santa
Ages 21 and Up
Additional Info
Two Witches 🇫🇮 Direct from Finland
🚨Exclusive USA Show🚨

Live support Frozen Charlottes • Vision of the Void
Dj's  Steve Skeletal - Ketamina - Tiffany

February 23, 2024 - 9:00 PM - 21+

La Santa
220 E 3rd Street, Santa Ana (Downtown)
Two Witches 🇫🇮 (Finland)
Two Witches is a gothic rock band from Finland 🇫🇮 formed in 1987. As with several other late 1980s bands, Two Witches started basing the main part of their appearances and lyrics on vampiric imagery
Frozen Charlottes
Frozen Charlottes is a psychedelic goth band whose lyrics are painted in the colors of a nightmarish world of anxiety, unease and tragedy frantically melded with a sound borne out of classic Post-Punk and early Goth music.
Vision of the Void