Under Covers of Darkness (free show)

Klub Terminal


with Frontal Boundary , Damascus Knives
June 27 @ 10:00 pm ( Doors: 9:00 pm )
La Santa
Ages 21 and Up

Bone-crunching beats, apocalyptical electro hymns and very energetic live appearances…

Frontal Boundary

Thoughts put together to form sounds. Years of heartache, depression, betrayal, love, animosity, passion, the good times and the bad. Accumulated into one thing in the end. Sound. Music that comes from the fingertips of emotion. A life that's been a roller coaster, Frontal Boundary.

The year; 2002 Frontal Boundary was born. Not long after the formation, Brendin R was asked to join 27 Dead. The project was put on hold while Brendin R focused on his current music endeavors.

After a 5 year stalemate with Frontal Boundary Brendin R was writing again. In 2008 a demo cd "Never Ending" was released. It was a purely instrumental album. In 2009 the track "Mindfuck" was released on Genetic Defekts "Census Compilation"

From the beginning of 2009 until early 2010, Frontal Boundary once again sat stale as Brendin R was dealing with personal issues. 2010 brought the inception of the new album "Electronic Warfare", a blend of hard beats, melodic leads and harsh vocals. The official debut album, "Electronic Warfare" will be released January 6, 2012

Damascus Knives

Damascus Knives is a project inspired by world politics, apocalyptic themes, and junk mail.  Acid Techno meets EBM and experimental noise.